#SocialMediaLaw with Emma Sadleir

#SocialMediaLaw with Emma Sadleir

Emma Sadleir spoke to our Women in IT members about protecting yourself online and social media law.

It was a freezing cold morning in Midrand when a crowd of Women in IT members gathered at Westcon Group’s brand new office building for a bit of breakfast and a fascinating talk by social media law guru, Emma Sadleir.

The delicious hot breakfast and tea and coffee offered a lovely relief from the frosty air outside. After a bit of mingling and eating, our members were directed to the auditorium where Emma gave her talk.

Emma’s talk was truly fascinating and definitely an eye-opener for many of us who weren’t as clued in on the ins and outs of social media. She provided interesting insights and helpful tips, such as visiting JustDelete.me if you want to delete yourself from social media profiles. Other amazing little snippets included:

  • Avoiding using hashtags on Instagram if you want your account to stay private. Photos on a private account can still be found if they include hashtags!
  • Treating yourself and your family like celebrities – which means upholding the utmost online safety and privacy.
  • You only get as much privacy as you demand.
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