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Since its inception in 2005, Women in IT has awarded 14 bursaries to female students studying in the ICT field.

2018 Bursary awarded to Asisipho Fente

IITPSA were pleased to award the bursary to Asisipho Fente. The selection committee were impressed with her passion and determination to succeed, coupled with her communication skills. In her own words:

“I am Asisipho Fente from Khayelitsha, Cape Town. I passed Matric in 2017 and did not secure funding from any of the bursaries I had applied to. Early in January my mentor, Baratang Miya, helped me seek funding. We were at an IITPSA talk where she was a guest speaker, and she asked me to tell my story. I explained that I achieved good marks for Matric, but I did not have any funding and my parents were not able to afford my fees. I went through all the stages necessary to secure the IITPSA bursary, applying and participating in a telephonic interview.I was informed weeks later that I had been awarded the bursary. I cannot express how happy I was, because this meant I would be the first child from my family to go to University!

I am at UCT, studying towards a professional degree, BCom in Information Systems. I love what I am studying, and I am so excited with what I can do with it. The transition from high school to University has been difficult but what has been helpful is IITPSA covering my fees because they had relieved a huge burden for me and my parents. I am doing so well that I was even elected class representative for my computer science class. I believe I have a lot of potential and with the support from IITPSA I can unleash it. “

IITPSA congratulates Asisipho and wish her success in her studies.

Applications for 2018 bursaries will open on 14 September 2017 and close on 30 October 2017.
Motivations should be sent to

Women in IT provide two bursaries for young women studying an ICT-related degree:

  1. A fully-funded three-year bursary (starting from the first year).  The funds are sufficient for University fees, textbooks, and living expenses.
  2. Additional funding for the third year of study for a woman who has successfully completed first and second years, and needs financial assistance to complete their degree.

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, motivations for both bursaries  will be reviewed and evaluated against the following criteria:

  • A female student studying in the ICT or IT field and entering her final year of study in 2016
  • An individual who is determined to succeed
  • An individual who is financially disadvantaged
  • An individual who wants to make an impact on the IT industry
  • An individual who is a full-time student, and who is not currently employed