Addressing Gender Imbalance in the IT Industry

Become a WIIT Mentor!

If you are an experienced WIIT and a member of IITPSA, your knowledge can help a new WIIT to further her career.

Share your wisdom and advice on career and personal development, overcoming professional hurdles, and study directions to further professional progress. Introduce your mentee to new professional networks and advise them on job opportunities. Give something back and grow professionally as you engage with new ideas from the next generation of IT professionals. This will also count towards your CPD points.

Mentors need to be members of the IITPSA. Should you be interested in becoming a mentor, but are not currently a member of the IITPSA, you may apply and participate as a non-member for a period of two months, at which point you can evaluate the benefits and register to become a member of the Institute.    

Register Here to Participate as a Mentor

    Motivations for bursaries for girls and young women should be sent to